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Bath and body products, oatmeal, honey, peachesSimple Beauty Recipe

Make your own facial with just a few simply ingredients.

By: Pioneer Thinking

Just Peachy Facial
Medium ripe peach
1-tablespoon honey
Ĺ - 1 cup uncooked oats

Peel, slice peach and place in a bowl covered with plastic wrap. Microwave the peach for 1-2 minutes, until soft. Add honey and mix in oats until the mixture forms a thick consistency. Apply to face and neck and avoid your eyes. Leave the facial mixture on your skin for 10 minutes. Rinse well with cool water. Recommended for normal skin.

Gail's View at Liquidiva Soap, Bath, and Body ProductsFrom an early age, I have always loved bath time, now with three girls of my own and one little prince, the legacy continues with lots of bubbles, warm flowing water and imaginative playtime.  Things havenít changed much, except playtime has become de-stress time.

Home Spa Oasis:
Here are a few tips to help you turn your bathroom into a home spa oasis:

Before you start, gather your bath essentials in a bucket, I suggest a metal paint pail from Home Depot Ė (cost for a 2 Ĺ quart around $1.98 and 5 quart around $2.97), loofah or nylon pouf or sponge, bath pillow and long handled soft back brush along with your Liquidiva bath scrub and milk bath. Donít forget the soap, please note that luxurious soaps, such as Primal Elements are gaining a revival in popularity.

It has been suggested that you take advantage of the natural light (dawn, sunrise or dust) to create a relaxing sacred space. Donít forget lots of aromatic scented candles. Now, turn off the lights and light a candle. Please remember to place candles where they wonít overturn or cause a fire. Now that you have done all of the prep work, draw your bath. Bath water should be warm, but not steaming hot because hot water tends to dry out the skin and drain energy.

Plants purify the air; so donít be afraid to add plants to your bathroom; especially, if you have great natural lighting.  We arenít the only ones who love moisture - plants thrive in a humid environment.  If you are designing or sprucing up your bathroom create a botanical setting with your favorite trees or plants.  Colorful pots or planters can be used in a variety of settings such as: freestanding shelving unit, corner shelves, plant stands, greenhouse window or add hanging brackets to suspend plants from the ceiling.   Favorites: ivy, fern, palms, orchids or African violet.

To take your bath from plain to exhilarating by adding bath additives such as tea bags, Liquidiva salt scrubs and milk baths or essential oils to turn it up a notch. Essential oils help moisturize skin while you bathe, add them directly to your bath water. Oils don't always mix well with water, so Diane Irons recommends adding a little milk to the bath to help oil diffuse better. Milk also has properties that nourish and moisturize skin, and if you don't do dairy, try non-flavored soy or rice milk. The bottom line water divas - just relax, enjoy the moment and reclaim control over your life.  I canít close without thanking our fabulous illustrator, Erica Mulherin.

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